Template Lite - the faster compiling PHP template engine

What is Template Lite?

Why use Template Lite

Template Lite has many advantages over other template engines, as well as a few disadvantages.

Template Lite was designed from the ground up to be fast. It has acheived that goal.


What you see here is the work of Paul Lockaby. However, while more than 75% of the code in this template engine has been rewritten, a bunch of that other 25% and a lot of organization has been directly derived from Smarty - the compiling PHP template engine for PHP. Smarty template engine was originally programmed and is still maintained at the aforementioned website by Monte Ohrt and Andrei Zmievski.

All updates, fixes and changes beginning February 1, 2006 are by Mark Dickenson when the project was taken over after being abandoned by Paul Lockaby due to a trademarking issue with the creators of Smarty.


At the moment I know of no bugs. Usually when I find one, I squash it as soon as possible. Let me know if you find one and I'll fix it, too.

Differences in creating Custom blocks, functions, modifiers, filters and extending the template object.

When creating Custom blocks, functions, modifiers and filters there is only one change you need to make to files. The function name needs to be changed slightly.

Should be changed to The name smarty in the function name needs to be changed to tpl.

When extending the template class you will need to use a different class name. Should be changed to The name Smarty in the class name needs to be changed to Template_Lite.

When extending the template compiler class you will need to use a different class name. Should be changed to The name Smarty_Compiler in the class name needs to be changed to Template_Lite_Compiler.

The reason for these changes is because of Trademarking issues with Smarty. The authors of Smarty have trademarked the name and it can no longer be used in variable, function and class names in this package.

Smarty features currently unsupported.

Template Lite offers most of the features of Smarty but there are a number of features that are currently not supported. Some of these features will eventually be supported in later releases. This isn't a comprehensive list of unsupported features.

To Do

These are things that I should have done before I released it, but that I put off to do until after I released the code.