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Debug Console

The Debug Console displays all of the included templates, assigned variables and config file variables for the current template. The "debug.tpl" template is included for displaying the console information. Set $debugging to true ($template_object->debugging - true;) if you would like to enable the console. When you load the page a javascript console window should pop up and give you the names of all the included templates and assigned variables for the current page. To see the available variables for a particular templates use the {debug} compiler function. To disable the debugging console, set $debugging to false. The debugging console only works with the display() programming method.

Template Lite Debug Console
Included templates & config files (load time in seconds):
    default_paged/header.tpl (0.0115289497375 seconds) (total)
Assigned template variables:
{$Title} PJ's Test Game - 0.30
{$banner_top} empty
{$gameroot} F:/aatrade/aatrade/
{$no_body} 1
{$spiral_arm} empty
{$style_sheet_file} templates/default_paged/style.css
{$templatename} default_paged/
Assigned config file variables (outer template scope):
No config vars assigned