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Config Files

Config files are handy for template designers to specify site-wide variables. Values for config files must be either in single or double quotes, but can span multiple lines with no problems. Comments in config files are indicated by beginning a line with a pound sign (#). When the parser encounters a pound sign outside of quotes, the rest of the line is regarded as a comment. Config variables are referred to in templates using a special syntax and are considered "constants" in that the value of a config variable cannot be changed in the template, but they are otherwise treated the same as normal variables. A config variable looks like this: #variable#. In the following, there are three sections, two public and one private.

	siteURL			= "http://www.paullockaby.com/"
	siteName		= "paullockaby.com :: the distilled thoughts of paul lockaby"

	# what timezone are we in?
	siteUTCOffSet		= "-5"
	# database information
	db_username		= "username"
	db_password		= "password"
	db_host			= "localhost"
	db_database		= "test_database"

	blue			= "#0000ff"	# this is the color blue
	longline		= "This is a value that spans more
					than one line. you don't have to do
					anything special to make it display."

	title			= "Welcome to the website"
	button1			= "login"
	button2			= "register"
All values must be contained inside of quotes. Comments can be on a line by themselves or at the end of a line and are indicated by a prepended pound or hash (#).

The words separated into brackets, such as [.private] and [display], are called "sections". You can load all variables in a file, all variables in a section, or all variables, or just a single variable.

You can hide sections by prepending them with a period, such as the "private" section in the above config file example. A "private" or hidden section will not be loaded if config_read_hidden is set to false. If set to true, it can be referred to just as a normal section, as if the period were never there. (In fact, in order to refer to it, you must not include the period prefix.)

There are a few options you can change to alter the behavior or config files. Here they are: